We are still working on our privacy policy. We are a small company and none of us holds a lawyer degree. However, we are doing our research, and we already have a few principles:

- We want to comply with GDPR, as it is European law.
- We are not interested in your data. We will hold as little as possible, we will delete whatever you ask us to, we will inform you of what information we hold on you upon request.
- We have identified a few cookies present on our webshop:
a. Google Analytics. Not installed yet, but we would like to know how many unique visitors we have and where they're from. That's it. Google however might be interested in this data mroe than we are.
b. This webshop is powered by iZettle.com and its partner Selz.com. Both of these companies use trackers on this website, for their own use, on their own term. [Ongoing research happening here]
c. A cookie is used for our cart. It makes it possible for you to close this page and come back and still find the products in your cart, for a reasonable amount of time.
- We will store your details related to an order, for as long as accounting regulations need us to. This data is stored by iZettle.com
- We archive the emails you've sent us for up to 4 years. We would delete yours upon written request.
- We have no intention to start a newsletter.
- We like our work environments like our house: clean and not cluttered. If you abandon your cart, iZettle keeps it for us so we could email it back to you. We're not very keen on reminding you to finish buying. It would be like going after a visitor to our galleries who just left without buying anything, and screaming on the street "Hey! Come back! You're not done here!" but we do not like to do this, neither do we want to spam you.
However. If you want your abandonned cart back, email us and we can send it right back to you, unless we have already deleted it.